API consumers

See who's using the API to bring data from the site into other applications.

These are all independent projects created by individuals that offer you other ways to check for breached accounts on Have I been pwned? If you've created something that's missing from this list, please get in touch.

Android apps

  1. Created by Matt Smithies
  2. Created by Björn Lundén
  3. Created by Gerald Versluis
  4. Created by Marc Doerflinger

iOS apps

  1. Created by Carl Sampson
  2. Created by Gerald Versluis
  3. Created by Vince Chan
  4. Created by Dashtag apps

Windows Phone apps

  1. Created by Kamran Ayub
  2. Universal Windows app by Lance McCarthy

Python scripts

  1. Created by Casey Dunham
  2. Created by Alexan Mardigian
  3. Created by Eric Fay
  4. Created by Kory Findley
  5. Created by Laurens Houben


  1. Recon-ng module byTim Tomes
  2. Ruby Gem by Carl Sampson
  3. Ruby Gem by Michael Henriksen
  4. Maltego Transform by Sudhanshu Chauhan
  5. Angular JS module by Brad Cavanagh
  6. Firefox OS app by Zshawn Syed
  7. IFTTT recipe by Nick Scoman
  8. WordPress plugin by Evan Herman
  9. Node.js module by Justin Hall
  10. Node.js command line tool by Justin Hall
  11. Chrome extension by Antreas Pogiatzis
  12. Telegram project by Luke Anderson
  13. Microsoft Flow Notification by Jon Gallant
  14. Java client by Dario Oreščanin
  15. Exlixer client by Samar Acharya
  16. Slackbot by Samar Acharya