API consumers

See who's using the API to bring data from the site into other applications.

These are all independent projects created by individuals that offer you other ways to check for breached accounts and passwords on HIBP. If you've created something that's missing from this list, please get in touch.

Android apps

  1. Created by Matt Smithies
  2. Created by Björn Lundén
  3. Created by Marc Doerflinger
  4. Created by Rock Hu
  5. Created by Simon Foster
  6. Created by Eric Donovan
  7. Email Leaked by Karthik Ponnam
  8. Have I Been Pwned-Check Your Passwords by Bashar Bachir
  9. Created by Bartosz Ostrowski

iOS apps

  1. Created by Carl Sampson
  2. Created by Gerald Versluis
  3. Created by Vince Chan
  4. Created by Dashtag apps
  5. Created by Rock Hu
  6. Created by Marcus Roskosch
  7. Secrets by Outre Corner

iOS & Android apps

  1. LogDog

Windows Phone apps

  1. Created by Kamran Ayub
  2. Universal Windows app by Lance McCarthy

Python scripts

  1. Created by Casey Dunham
  2. Created by Alexan Mardigian
  3. Created by Eric Fay
  4. Created by Kory Findley
  5. Created by Laurens Houben
  6. Created by Berend Kapelle
  7. Created by Lohitya Pushkar
  8. Created by Mateusz Bijakowski
  9. Created by Corey McCandless
  10. Created by Nick Bowling
  11. Created by Bertrand Maujean


  1. PwnedBook by David Ripley
  2. PasswordSecurity.info by Félix Giffard
  3. Breach reports by bitwarden
  4. Inoitsu by Bob Mersman
  5. whoisbg.com by Martin Stojanov


  1. Recon-ng module byTim Tomes
  2. Ruby Gem by Carl Sampson
  3. Ruby Gem by Michael Henriksen
  4. Maltego Transform by Sudhanshu Chauhan
  5. Angular JS module by Brad Cavanagh
  6. Firefox OS app by Zshawn Syed
  7. IFTTT recipe by Nick Scoman
  8. WordPress plugin by Evan Herman
  9. Node.js module by Justin Hall
  10. Node.js command line tool by Justin Hall
  11. Chrome extension by Antreas Pogiatzis
  12. Telegram project by Luke Anderson
  13. Microsoft Flow Notification by Jon Gallant
  14. Java client by Dario Oreščanin
  15. Elixir client by Samar Acharya
  16. Slackbot by Samar Acharya
  17. JPwned Java library by Dariush Moshiri
  18. Go package by Juan Ignacio Rizza
  19. .NET library by Valters Tomsons
  20. Online search by Landlinesaver
  21. R package by Steph Locke
  22. PHP library by Morten Harders
  23. Joomla! Plugin by Schultz IT Solutions
  24. Alexa Skill by Neal Shyam
  25. Bash script by Navan Chauhan
  26. PowerShell module by Mark Ukotic
  27. Devise extension by Michael Banfield
  28. Telegram bot by Konstantin Maleev
  29. WordPress plugin by Dan Dulaney
  30. Windows 10 Password Manager by Sergio Pedri
  31. NPM package by Franklin van de Meent
  32. Golang OSINT framework by Francesco Giordano
  33. Bash script by Jimmy Wall
  34. Password Store extension by Darshit Shah
  35. Active Directory Pwned Password integration by Jackson Van Dyke
  36. Google Assistant by Matt Carroll
  37. Clojure client by Nicholas Labarre
  38. KeePass plugin by Janis Estelmann
  39. Nimble client by Dominik Picheta
  40. Go package by Mason Johnson
  41. Python script by Quentin Rhoads
  42. Ansible role by John Imison
  43. FastBound: integration with Pwned Passwords
  44. Laravel PHP implementation by PayFast
  45. Perl module by Pete Houston
  46. Passwordstate: integration with Pwned Passwords
  47. Pwned Checker Drupal module by Ronan Leroy
  48. OctoberCMS plugin by Luke Towers
  49. TYPO3 extension by Torben Hansen
  50. Spybot Identity Monitor Desktop app
  51. Kotlin interface by Mark Nenadov
  52. Telegram bot by Francesco Garbo
  53. Bash script by M1ndFl4y
  54. .NET client by Anders Åberg
  55. Slack bot by Pedro Leiva
  56. PHP Web Application Firewall by Numan Özdemi̇r
  57. PHP site by Prashant Pandey
  58. Chrome Extension by Untrack_Me
  59. OpenCart integration by Todor Donev