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Many people love this service and have asked to donate. In all good conscience, I can't write about how awesome and cost-effective Azure is then ask for donations to fund it. Instead, it's enormously time consuming to run this service and the sacrifices required to do so are where the real cost is. If you want to kick in to help me cover those costs, that would be awesome!

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A small slice of my data processing time each month

It's ongoing work running this service and what's really great is ongoing support. Here's a sense of what goes into loading each and every data breach in the system: I have to locate the data online, get it downloaded (over Australian internet speeds...), process it into a readable format, verify it's legitimate, load it into the site, locate an icon and write a description of the incident then finally make it live and send notifications to subscribers.

$3.80 — A large cappuccino at my local

Things just work better with coffee! I like to take the kids to school then grab a cappuccino from my local on the way home before beginning the things that take mental energy.

$7.50 — A month of Netflix for some quiet nights in

A lot of the work on this happens after hours when I should be relaxing on the couch. Help me make it so and I promise to keep off the devices for a bit!

$9.95 — Fund a month of email delivery

This site sends out tens of thousands of emails every month. For that volume and to ensure deliverability, I pay SendGrid each month.

$20 — A six pack of Little Creatures Pale Ale

I often try and slip in an hour or two of work between getting the kids to bed and having dinner. You know what goes down real well at that time of day? Course you do!

$30 — Fund 2,500 WHOIS API queries

You know how the domain-wide search feature allows you to verify by email? Yeah, that ain't free, I have to buy access to an API which provides that info.

$40 — Take the kids to a movie

Much of the work on this service happens on weekends which means giving up time with the kids. Let's show them a good time!

$60 — A bottle of Woodford Reserve

A favourite routine after pushing out a major new feature is to sit back with a glass of fine American Whiskey whilst watching for any problems on the various monitoring services.

$80 — Fund my GitHub private repos for a year

I ended up shelling out for this specifically to support this project so that I could push changes quickly. A great investment too IMHO.

$100 — Take the kids out to dinner

More than once I've had to rush out on my kids as a new dump has just hit the webs. Help me make it up to them!

$TBD — I've really saved your ass

I don't know by how much or just how bad things could have gotten if you didn't have this service to notify you, so you decide 🙂